Pedro y Tiffany

Pedro and Tiffany were born in Venezuela and first met at Pedro’s dance school in their hometown, Puerto Cabello. The school was called Soul and Dance, yes… He named it in english. He wanted to remind people that when you dance you dance from your soul.  It was there, that they developed a passion for dance and started  learning proper technique for salsa and bachata dancing and other styles.

Fast forward to more than a decade later, Pedro and Tiffany crossed paths once again, but in a different city – Melbourne, Australia.

Their love for dance eventually sparked a partnership which began in 2018. Since then, this power couple have been dancing professionally, and they currently hold numerous dance titles, including  In the World Salsa Summit, and Top 5 Salsa on2 Couple in the world.

Their goal is to improve everyday and inspire others along the way, by being better teachers and better performers. Dance to inspire, dance to challenge and dance to express who you are.

Pedro and Tiffany Videos

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