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We strive to create a social, fun-filled vibe within Bachata classes

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Intro bachata class for Absolute Beginners!

This intro class is  for people who want to know more about authentic Salsa. If you believe that you can’t dance we will show you that you can.

Singles and Couples

No partners? No worries! Partners are not required. Take this opportunity to make new friends while dancing.

Perfect for absolute beginners

We have more levels, and this one is just for absolute beginners.

Small Group

Up to 10 people will join you to begin your journey, where you'll meet your teacher, peers, and explore the studio.

Couple dancing bachata
People smiling while dances bachata
People dancing bachata while they look each other.

Limited spots available claim your place.

Book your intro class and start dancing.

How can I enroll to attend the classes?

Start your bachata class today in a couple of singles steps.

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Fill out our quick form and choose your starting date.

Swing by our studio

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Enjoy the class

Learn from our friendly and experienced teachers, and have a blast while you're at it!

Reviews from our past students

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People like you are enjoy their journey learning bachata.


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Abigail Hirsch

The Best Salsa class and private dance class in melbourne. Pedro is incredible he is patient, talented, fun and always has a smile on his face. We enjoy coming every week. Highly recommend Cortés Dance.

Akshay Kumar

The instructor (Pedro) at the salsa class is very encouraging and makes really comfortable to dance with new people in the salsa class. I really enjoy learning salsa at cortes as beginner they breakdown each every step and they make more enthusiastic to dance. It is a lovely place especially if you are shy and if you want to learn salsa.

Amit Barzel

An amazing dance school! Pedro and Tiffany are amazing teachers that bring so much energy positivity and knowledge to the classes.
Such a great social environment, I am really looking forward to the classes every week!

Ruchita Chandra

Cortés is an awesome place to begin your dance journey! Pedro and Tiffany are amazing teachers and are super talented and passionate dancers. Such a warm welcoming environment when you step into a class and a great place to make friends while you learn dancing :)


Cortes dance is by far the best dance school in Melbourne. Pedro and Tiffany are incredibly talented and professional dance instructors who teach authentic salsa and bachata and other Latin styles. They create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and make you feel apart of their family from day one. The school has classes for everyone whether you are beginner or have prior dance experience. It was the best decision I have ever made joining this school. I recommend everyone to try it, you won’t regret it!

Alberto Rego Lopez

Great atmosphere and so much fun! Pedro and Tiffany are excellent dancers who really look after their students. Their classes are super entertaining and at the same time you learn a lot! They are very professional teachers. Looking forward to our next class!

Robyn Mew

My favourite time of the week are classes with Pedro and Tiffany at Cortes!! Not only are they amazing dancers and teachers, they’re the most joyful charismatic people you’ll meet, they make each class so much fun!! They are a reminder you should have fun in everything you do! Whether you’re a total beginner or professional you should come to class for a great experience!

Ronak Soni

Amazing place to learn dancing with a vast range of classes from absolute beginners to advanced level. I personally started in 2021 with no experience and low confidence. Now I can confidently dance at any social party. The teachers are well experienced and passionate about latin dancing.

Morella Zumbarella

Nothing better than coming to a dance school that will make you feel home and at the same time inspire you to enhance your technique no matter your salsa and bachata skills level .. Pedro and Tiffany will company you in your salsa or bachata journey and look after you like no other instructors making you feel comfortable as well as motivating you to improve your dancing skills. Cortes is nothing but a happy place to all Cortes family ! And yes ! With time you will feel like you have extended your family with them ❤️

Are you advance?

Find the levels that fit with your skills

We have a lot of option to help you on each step

Class location

Bachata dance class near to your in Melbourne

530 Dandenong Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3161


Check out common questions

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. Most dancers prefer casual wear, such as T-shirts and leggings. Make sure to wear shoes with smooth soles. Sneakers can be ok at the beginning but we recommend dance shoes for more advanced classes.

No partner needed! Our classes often involve partner rotation, allowing you to dance with various individuals. It’s a great way to make new friends and improve your skills.

Progress varies, but with regular practice and attending our events, you’ll notice improvement within weeks. Mastery comes with time and dedication.

Cortés Dance takes pride in being a school with its own distinct syllabus and structured learning approach. We offer classes at various levels.  Absolute beginners  start with introductory classes, and our instructors will guide you to the appropriate level based on your progress. It’s important to be open to trying different classes as part of our unique curriculum to enhance your dance experience.

Absolutely! Our classes cater to all skill levels, including those with no dance experience. Our experienced instructors break down steps to ensure everyone can follow along.

Check our online resources or community group for any materials shared during the missed class. If life gets in the way and you can’t make it, don’t worry! Some classes happen twice in the same week, offering you the chance to catch up. Keep in mind that additional class attendance might incur an extra expense depending on your membership or class pass. For situations like medical reasons or business trips, we’ve got your back—just reach out, and we can explore options within the terms and conditions.

To secure your spot, register in advance through our app or simply get in touch with us. While spaces are limited, we might also welcome drop-ins if there’s room available. Don’t miss your chance to dance with us!

Absolutely! Join our social events, dance parties, and practice sessions to apply what you’ve learned in class. Check our events calendar on social media for upcoming gatherings.These events provide a fun and relaxed environment to practice and socialize with other dancers.

Get ready to dance to the rhythm of your class! In salsa classes, you’ll be grooving to lively salsa beats, while bachata classes will have you swaying to those smooth bachata melodies. The music’s tempo and complexity will evolve with your skill level, introducing different speeds and intricate tunes as you progress. Social events? Expect a fantastic mix, but with a spotlight on the irresistible vibes of salsa and bachata. Get ready for a musical journey that matches your dancing adventure!

Join our WhatsApp community group to connect with fellow dancers, find practice partners, and receive updates on impromptu dance meet-ups. Additionally, utilise our online resources and attend our special events for extra practice opportunities.

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