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Dancing Training is the part of the Cortés for dancer that want to their dancing to the next level through training. We are focus on Mambo, afrocuban style and Bachata. 



7:30 pm Mambo Shines and Partnerwork  (Beginners)

GYM STUDIO 120 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern VIC 3144


12:30 pm Afro-Cuban and Body Movement (All levels)
1:30 pm Power Mambo(Adv)
2:30 pm Bachata FEMME (Beg)

GYM STUDIO 120 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern VIC 3144


7:00 pm Bachata Team

GYM STUDIO 120 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern VIC 3144

Dancing Training

It’s exciting to share our dance journey with you. We have worked with beginners and professional artists and we teach adult classes in salsa, bachata and mambo. Every year, we travel all over the world to bring the best content to our classes. We are looking to bring joy and knowledge. 

Cortés Dancing Training  can last usually 1 hour and they are designed to teach you and entertain you. Some of the most popular group classes  are Mambo Skill up classes and Bachata Femme.

Dancing Training Classes

Mambo Shines and Partnerwork is a class  for anyone who wants to learn the Fundamentals of Mambo/Salsa On2. Get a better understanding of  musicality, footwork, basic body movement and more.

Partners are not required.  

Level: Beginner.

Power Mambo is an advances class aiming to challenge your movement and knowledge in mambo. Learn powerful and musical Mambo choreographies full power and technique.

This is Pedro's Favourite Class. It is in the timetable because we believe that pushing ourselves is a great way to grow. Yes, most classes are built to guide you in in one's own time , but this one is there to challenge you!

Level: Advanced.

Bachata Femme. It is a program where you can learn sexy and musical bachata choreographies while  improving your dance skills.
Consist of 4 classes over a month.
Level: Beginner.

Optional: Video-Clip ($50).

Advance Cortés Bachata Team: Taking our team to the next level. Taking projects that challenge us to get better. 

Invitation only, but if you are interested send us a message, we are here for you.

Level: Advanced and Professional.

Challenge It is a program where you can learn powerful, fun and musical choreographies while  improving your dance skills.
Entrenamientos consist of 4 classes over 4 weeks.
Level: Beginner to  Intermediate.

Optional: Video-Clip ($50).

Afro-Cuban and Body Movement is a  class that will enhance your body isolation, integration, stamina, and movement awareness. It is based on the study of Afro-Cuban folklore. 
The best Salsa dancers in the world consistently incorporate afro-cuban. 
Level: All levels are welcome

Full of Technique

These classes are perfect for those dancers who want to take their bachata, Mambo and Salsa to the next level. These classes, similarly to private lessons, are full of tips to improve your technique and musicality.  They are for beginners and advanced dancers. Every week you will find new patterns that you can use to shine at your next social dance party.

 Teams and choreography courses  work towards the goals of performing.  It is an entertaining, inclusive experience. Our teachers are some of the top latin choreographers in the country.

 Ready to try something new? At Cortés Dance we have something for you.

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