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For dancers who want to take their dancing to the next level through training. We focus on Salsa, Bachata and other latin dance styles.

Mora Dance Classes

It’s exciting to share our dance journey with you. We have worked with beginners and professional artists. We teach adult classes in salsa, bachata and other latin dance styles. Every year, we travel all over the world to bring the best content to our classes. We are looking to bring joy and knowledge. 

Classes are usually 1 hour long and they are designed to teach you as well as entertain you. Some of the most popular group classes are Salsa Level Up and Bachata Lady Styling.

More Dance Classes

Salsa Level up  is a class  for anyone who wants to learn the Fundamentals of Salsa On 1. In the first half, get a better understanding of  musicality, footwork, basic body movement and more. Later, have fun learning entertaining solo dance choreographies.

Partners are not required.  

Level: Min Level 2

Mambo Shines  is a class  for anyone who wants to learn the Fundamentals of Mambo/Salsa On2. Get a better understanding of  musicality, footwork, basic body movement and more.

Partners are not required.  

Level: Open Level.

Bachata Lady Styling: In this class you will learn different routines in every class that will cover footwork, body movement, hands and arms styling, head rolls,  musicality and more.

Drilling and refining every week to give you clarity in your movements to help you grow.  Practice timing, execution and balance, and you will see your confidence in ladies styling improve so you can also use it on the dance floor.

Level:  Min Level 2.

Joining choreos will help you to: improve technique, gain new skills, learn spins, dips and tricks, build stage presence, develop muscle memory, improve timing, make your footwork accurate, learn new steps, expand your repertoire, develop musicality, improve body movement, be part of a team, perform on stage, and most important of all, have lots and lots of fun.

For any style and level : Courses will be opening soon 

Afro-Cuban  is a  class that will enhance your body isolation, integration, stamina, and movement awareness. It is a very technical class.

This style incorporates some of the most popular afro-cuban folklore dancing, like Guaguanco, Yoruba and more. The best Salsa & Bachata dancers in the world consistently incorporate these techniques  into their dancing.

Level: All Levels are welcome. 

Full of Technique

These classes are perfect for those dancers who want to take their Bachata, Mambo and Salsa to the next level. These classes, similarly to private lessons, are full of tips to improve your technique and musicality. They are for beginners to advanced dancers. Every week you will find new patterns that you can use to shine at your next social dance party.

Teams and choreography courses work towards the goal of performing. It is an entertaining, inclusive experience. Our teachers are some of the top latin choreographers in the country.

 Ready to try something new? At Cortés Dance we have something for you.

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