First salsa or bachata class? What to Expect?

My First Salsa or Bachata Class

First Salsa or Bachata class… It is exciting to see you reading this. It means that your first class is going to happen soon. I don’t remember when I took my first dance class. It was almost 20 years ago and I would not say that I have a lot of experience as a student, but I have probably taught hundreds of classes for super newbies in my dance career. These classes are some of my favourites because I get to meet a great bunch of new people and share with them this art that  all of us at Cortés love so much. 

Cortés Classes are usually 60 minutes long, with around 20 to 30 people, usually adults. However this first tester class is 30 minutes with a max of 10 people. A small group means that we can get to meet, learn and have fun together.

There are a lot of things that we recommend to anyone going to a dance class. Some of them are common sense like don’t eat too much before the class or reschedule if you are feeling sick. However, here are 7 things that you should know before your first Salsa or Bachata class.

It is ok to be nervous.

Everyone is an absolute beginner too. In the first class you will encounter a lot of new concepts, ideas and even sounds. We, the Cortés Dance team, understand  that some people in this class might feel overwhelmed. But you are not alone, there are others like you ready to try their best too. Our friendly teachers will be there the whole time guiding and encouraging you to take the best out of the class. Usually people relax after five minutes of listening to the music and they start having fun. 

One thing that helps me when I am nervous about learning something new is being open minded. If you are negative and say “I will never be able to dance” or “I can’t do that” then you will never be able to. Instead, stay positive and be open to learning and enjoy what is coming. 

What to Wear to your first Salsa or Bachata Class

Salsa or Bachata Dancing are physical activities so wear clothes that are easy to move in. Latin dancers in the media are portrayed wearing very exotic outfits full of colours. First, we usually don’t unless we are performing. Second, this is your first class so just come as you. However, it helps wearing clothes that you feel good wearing, something comfortable and  functional.

It is good to be able to take the jacket off. Remember that while dancing you might get hot so it is always good to have an option available that is fresh.

Shoes are very important and we could say a lot about them, but not for your first class. Just bring some shoes that you can move in comfortably and that are not too bulky and for ladies, heels are not necessary. Don’t be scared if you encounter some people wearing shiny dance heels, it is expected in a dance studio. 

You are going to dance with other people.

Our 30 min tester class is partnered. Indeed, Most of our Salsa and Bachata Classes are. The fact is that most people come to our courses alone. You can always bring a friend. In all of our partnered classes, we rotate partners during class so everyone will dance with each other. It’s social, nice and you will quickly get to know your fellow students. We encourage you to introduce yourself and to say thank you after dancing with anyone.  

What happens when I arrived at the studio?

First, get out of the car and get to the studio. The Cortés Team is waiting for you at the front desk. They are ready to take your details and help you with your registration. You might find some advanced dancers practicing or taking private lessons. They look amazing and that could be intimidating. Remember they also started from the beginning, enjoy the show. After you check in, you will be hanging out with other newbies. You are more than welcome to say hello to others. Get ready and comfortable to join in when the teacher calls the class. 

Any Advice while in the class?

Please ask questions, if you ask we will know what you actually feel that you need to learn. In a dance class I will recommend talking when asking a question or when introducing other people, but not while dancing, while dancing in a dance class it is better to dance. If you need to stop and observe, do it, observation is an important key in the process. Be patient, dancing improves like most things in life, by repetition and repetition. 

Arrive early

The first class is more than a social activity. It is the class where you learn the foundations to be able to join the Salsa or Bachata Level 1. So arriving late means that you might be missing something important.  Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the class starts. 

What happens after?

After your first salsa or bachata class you will have all the basics concepts to join Level 1. There is usually a level 1 class after. If you have time, it might be a good idea to join in.  

The whole Cortés Team and I are thrilled that you are coming to your first class. Now, you know a little bit more to prepare yourself for your first class.  Have fun, make friends and enjoy the music and the dance with us and the other newbies. Bienvenidos a Cortés Dance.

Pedro G. 

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