Private Lesson

One of the best ways to progress quickly and achieve your personal dancing goals. Regardless of your current ability level – from absolute beginner to professional. Private lessons are a great way to help your dancing skills whether you want to be a better social dancer, or if you are preparing for an important audition or competition. 

We specialize in Latin rhythms

Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and so on

Private Lesson



$ 139 PER 45 MIN
  • Valid for 30 Days


JR Teacher
$ 109 PER 45 MIN
  • Valid for 30 Days

Want to take Private Lessons?


Our private lessons are for one or two people. If you bring a partner you can split the cost and double the learning and the fun..

One on One

Learn at your own pace, but progressing much faster than with a group. Receive full personal attention with an emphasis on details, sabor, precision, enthusiasm, encouragement, repetition and style.
  • Learn the foundation of any style, focusing on your posture, arms, footwork and timing.
  • Learn correct technique, not just how to move.
  • Avoid learning bad habits.
  • Learn the details that make you look good on the dance floor.
  • Improve your lead and your following technique.
  • Practice and learn transitions that connect one step with the next.
  • Learn to listen to latin music.
  • Refine the steps learnt in class.

More things to know

Private Lessons With Tiffany De Caire

Too shy for social dancing?

Get More ConfiDance

Private lessons will help you gain confidence dancing with a partner so that you can feel comfortable and enjoy social dancing
Salsa Bachata Cortés Dance

Looking for a Dance Coach

Not just Dance... Train.

One very popular option is to train towards a goal. If dancing for you is more than one group class per week and you would like to prepare for a dance competition, a performance or you would like to learn to teach latin dance. We can develop this long term plan with you. Our team has world class level coaches.

I Want to Have Fun.

Let's Dance

Our instructors are not only knowledgeable and experienced. They are fun and charismatic characters. Some of our students take private lessons with Cortés Dance because they are fun and they always look forward to their next lesson.

Senior Teachers

Tiffany De Caires

Bachata, Salsa on1 and on2, Cuban Salsa, Sensual Bachata.
Absolute Beginners to Professional.

Pedro Gonzalez

Bachata, Salsa on1 and on2, Cuban Salsa, Chachacha, Sensual Bachata.
Absolute Beginners to Professional.


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