Salsa, Bachata and more

Why choosing Latin Dance?

Growing up, Salsa, Bachata and Merengue were everywhere. Latin Music is for us what pop, hip hop and rock are for Australians. With the difference that our Caribbean rhythms make us move our bodies differently. It does it in a raw and at the same time more natural way that connects us to the present moment. Also, the dances are exotic, sassy and full of joy, nothing against enjoying any music you like.  If you have not seen the way that a woman moves when they salsa or bachata, don’t worry, it is great because you are going to find out a new level of flavour that you will love to be a part of. I guess for Tiffany and I there is no choice to make latin music is part of what we are. Our students tell us that Salsa and bachata are joyful dance styles that bring out some fun part of them that they didn’t know they had.

Let’s talk about our favourite dance styles: Salsa and Bachata.

We need to start with the king of the Latin styles, Salsa. Salsa is the style that sends millions of people to the dance floor regardless if they are a latino or not. Nowadays, you can Salsa in every corner of the world. It is still debated where it came from. I like to think that it started in the Caribbean and evolved thanks to the input of many styles like jazz. There were musicians adding their own flavours from everywhere. Being influenced by Cuba, Mexico, New York, Venezuela, Colombia and Puerto Rico. In our classes we focus on learning to dance to the instruments such as Congas, Clave, Bass and Timbal.  Important artists include Celia Cruz, Oscar D´Leon, Gilberto Santa-Rosa, and Marc Anthony. There are many styles of dancing Salsa. Some of the most popular are Street Salsa, LA Style, Mambo, Cali style and New York Style. It is important to note that Cha Cha Cha is also considered part of the salsa world. But it has its own universe for both the dancing and the music. 

In the Latin Dance world there is a saying that goes “Bachata is taking over”.Our believe is that It already did. The passion, heart breaking lyrics and easy to the ear sounds make it almost as popular today as Salsa. It is easy to think that some Australians at first will mistake it as salsa. The music has a slower pace than salsa and it is a more intimate dance style. Some important bachata artists are Raulin Rosendo,  Hector Acosta and Aventura. Indeed, there is a bachata cover of many current top songs. 

We teach what we love and we are lucky that we have a platform to spread our love for Latin Rhythms. If you want to try any of our classes we have a 30 min trial class for absolute beginner, but if you are a more experience dancer have a look of our timetable

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