About Cortés Dance Directors.

Pedro and Tiffany are the directors of Cortés Dance. They both were born in Venezuela and first met at Pedro’s dance school in their hometown, Puerto Cabello. The school was called Soul and Dance, yes… He named it in English. He wanted to remind people that when you dance you dance from your soul. It was there that they developed a passion for dance and started learning proper technique for salsa and bachata dancing and other styles.

Fast forward to more than a decade later, Pedro and Tiffany crossed paths once again, but in a different city - Melbourne, Australia.

Their love for dance eventually sparked a partnership which began in 2018. Since then, this power couple have been dancing professionally, and they currently hold numerous national and International dance titles, including: 3rd place Professional Bachata Division and 5th place Professional Salsa in the World Salsa Summit, one of the most prestigious and toughest competitions in the world. They also are Australian champions in both Salsa and Bachata not only as a couple but as soloists. They have performed in some of the most important events around the world including BIG New York Salsa Congress, Japan Salsa Congress and many others.

Their goal is to improve everyday and inspire others along the way, by being better teachers and better performers. Dance to inspire, dance to challenge and dance to express who you are.

What About Cortés Dance? 
It is a place with entertaining and full of life classes. A place to meet new friends and get involve in the wonderful world of Latin Dancing. 

About Cortés Dance

About Cortés Dance

Cortes Dance is a school led By Pedro Gonzalez and Tiffany De Caires. It is a passionate community that celebrates a love for Latin dancing. With the desire to bring out the spark and joy within everyone who walks through our doors. Our most popular styles are Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha Cha.

The founders are from Venezuela. They are super proud to bring authentic sabor latino (Latin Flavour) to Melbourne. One of our most fundamental goals is to teach you to connect with the music that we love. The music that Pedro and Tiffany grew up listening to. The music that they heard at every single family party and on most of the radio stations. The music that Pedro loves to dance with his grandmother. We are talking about Caribbean music such as salsa and Bachata.

Cortés has a knowledgeable, charismatic and professional line-up of teachers. They have trained and performed all over the world. All the teachers are here to empower you, to motivate you to release all the groove in you.  Our classes are entertaining, full of joy and challenging.  We have classes for all levels. So if you do not have an idea what 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 means or you are a full time dancer wanting to brush up on your technique. In our school there is a class for you. We are focused on Salsa and Bachata but we offer a variety of Latin dance Classes.

Join our dance classes in Melbourne. Cortés is a place to have fun and to make friends. There are some pleasures in life and one of the most beautiful is to move to the beat of Latin music. you get to burn some calories and stimulate your mind without even realising it.

Great classes!! Constantly learning new things and there's always a challenge so I keep pushing myself and improving. Most importantly the classes are fun and filled with laughter, taught by extremely talented teachers who also know how to enjoy themselves and have a laugh with everyone else.

Thilini Perera

About Cortés Dance Team

Tiffany De Caires

Pedro Gonzalez

Alberto Lopez

Monika Duszyńska

Natalia Castellanos

Emma Fulton

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